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Andrea P.

"Hi!! Thank you for our last session. It was so great and I've been doing a lot of great work recognizing my red flags and letting go after being in my emotions. Thank you so much for these great skills and helping me move through some of my stuck emotions. I appreciate you so much!!"

Lily H.

"Omg…Crystal is a must!

I needed some serious time for myself and she provided the most tranquil space for that. I had the most amazing meditation experience.

I really felt so light after my session. I’m definitely heading back on a regular!"


"Crystal has inspired me to heal from the inside out.

The guided meditations have provided me with an inner peace and knowing of calm that I have never experienced.

Combine this practice with Tarot Card readings and the Whole Health program and I am feeling better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

You won't be disappointed."

First 3 weeks of Whole Health Mind-Body-Spirit with Amanda O.

Week 1: "Slept like a baby after our session. Started to follow the list of do's and don'ts of food! Holy shit what a difference already on bloat and lack of stomach issues after every meal."

Week 2: "I don't know why I've never done this sooner. I feel so much better with stomach problems and bloating after meal and so far anxiety hasnt been too bad. I'm hitting the gym again, finally have energy."

Week 3: "I actually have a jaw line now! Stickin with the foods and was just looking up more alternatives. Definately going to stick with this long term. I dont feel sluggish and have energy to excercise again."

Amanda O.

Hanging Glass Flask Candles

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